November 2013 to January 2014

Fourteen (14) dormitories have been identified to work with NEA on the Non Littering Campaign over a period of 3 months


17th May 2013

Following salient points discussed 

  1. The standardisation of dormitory management and operation
  2. Release of more land for dormitory and earlier information of these releases
  3. Dormitory operator to be allowed its own cleaning staff to stay in the Dormitory
  4. Positive publicity...
2012-Dec 2013

DASL has proposed this Standard to Spring Singapore and has been working closely with all stakeholders to prepare the SS/CP for Design, Management and Operation of Foreign Workers’ Dormitories which will be issued initially as Technical Reference. The draft has undergone numerous revisions and has been concluded in Dec...

17th December 2012

The Dormitory Association of Singapore Limited (DASL) was inaugurated on 18th September 2012. An inauguration Ceremony and CEO Breakfast meeting was held on 17th December 2012. The Guest of Honour was Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower Mr. Hawazi Daipi. The Founding Members adopted and...