16th JANUARY 2014

More than 60 representatives from members’ companies attended this event.  SPF did a screening of the crime prevention video titled “The Choice”. This was followed by an information sharing session on what are public order issues, type of crowd, ringleaders, report of facts, and engagement of subject. Finally there...

4th November 2013

Following salient points discussed:

  1. Closer cooperation, sharing information on SPF action taken against foreign workers, riot and crowd control, and educating foreign workers to be more law abiding
  2. Regular police visit into the dormitory in addition to patrol car visit
  3. SPF to provide more...
25th October 2013

More than 35 representatives from members’ companies attended this event. There was a general presentation on the operation and maintenance of the dormitory complex followed by questions and answers on actual experiences, rules and regulations and disciplinary actions.  The members were divided into 2 groups for the guided tour...