Woodlands Lodge I

Woodlands Lodge I  is a Foreign Workers’ Dormitory located in Woodlands Industrial Park E4.


We are connected to the rest of the Island via major expressways like TPE & CTE.   We currently manage about 3000 dormitory bed spaces as well as related ancillary services for our workers.


Beyond the provision of the workers dormitories, we, as part of our integrated services provider philosophy, also provide daily transportation services to and from the work sites of our clients whose workers are housed in our dormitories.


Facilities in the Dormitory include kitchen and toilet facilities in a central location.  There is also an open courtyard where communal activities are carried out regularly.   We also organise joint celebrations during occasions like Hari Raya, Deepavali to encourage cohesiveness.


Security of our premises is also of utmost importance to us.  In addition to security cameras that provide surveillance of the dormitory compound, we also employ security officers to further enhance round-the-clock protection for the dormitory and workers.  An access control system that ensures that only registered occupants are allowed to enter Woodlands Lodge I.


 Please check out our location map for details of our location. 



Nichefield Pte Ltd

Woodlands Lodge I

50 Woodlands Industrial
Park E4
Singapore 757388

Tel : (65) 6362 1775

Fax : (65) 6362 3767