Wee Entertainment (S) Pte Ltd

Wee Entertainment (S) Pte Ltd was founded in 2005, by former Media Corp Actor, Huang Shi Nan. His passion and experience in the local entertainment industry has led him to organize numerous successful corporate and private functions. Shi Nan is known to inject his humorous and creative personal into all his events. You can look forward to be bewildered by a night of unexpected surprises and novel ideas.

Wee Entertainment gives you access to our proprietary network of more than 100 local and oversea media celebrities, professional entertainers and artists with unique skills. Our team is also dedicated to providing value-added marketing support to our clients – we help you create strategic publicity campaigns to leverage your event and hype and buzz.

We provide Corporation Limited with a comprehensive overview of how our events management company, Wee Entertainment (S) Pte Ltd, will plan and execute the proposed programme for company event.

We have provided our clients with value added strategies for effective events, our aim is to create a future impact for more constituents to participate for the coming event. We have a strong presence in the local market due to the consistency in providing strategic, creative and value added concept and planning. Hence, by placing quality and value as the top most priority for our client, we are able to execute and deliver the most efficient and effective events.


Contact Information:

Huang Shi Nan 黄世南                                    

HP: 97588900

Email: wee.entpl@gmail.com

Video Link: https://youtu.be/ig641Km5wTw