Global Money


About Us


Global Money Remittance Pte Ltd (GMR) is incorporated in Singapore as private limited company since 2010.


Global Money Remittance was granted Remittance License by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in the year 2011. The license permits for remittances globally from Singapore. GMR has correspondent banking arrangement with many foreign Banks.


We are committed to provide our customers with a simple and effective means of money transfer, by readily available at their doorstep, which helps our customers to remit instantly, with highest level of security. GMR ensures compliance of AML/CFT & KYC procedures laid by MAS and Central Banks of correspondent country in its remittance business.


Vision statement “to provide cost effective and complaint money transfer solution to immigrant workers at their door step”.


Why Us?


It’s very important for everyone, especially overseas foreign workers (OFW), to save money. The sender shouldn’t be the only one to do it; the recipient/beneficiary also should know how to save. With Global Money Remittance, OFWs can send their money to their own bank savings account or to the bank accounts of their dependents. By doing this they could keep part of the remittances in the bank as savings also can apply for their future loans for their kids to study abroad or to build a house for their family.


  • We are close to you at your doorstep 
  • We provide best rate for your money
  • Instant transfer
  • Low service charges
  • Safe & Secure way of money transfer
  • Receive SMS alert for both the parties (Sender and Receiver)
  • Get statements for the amount you sent.
  • Highly trained staff to handle the customers.
  • No language problem, our staffs can speak and understand any local language.
  • Call us from anywhere we answer your query through phone banking too.